Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring is on its way. Time for grill season and baking

The holidays are over, children and the like are back in school, and life is back into that normal routine groove. The good news, spring is on its way... FAST!. Spring to me usually means it is time to get out the grill and smoker. Though i have grilled a few times in the snow storms this year. Yes, i am a dedicated cooker.HaHa. What does this have to do with bread baking? LOTS!. What do you do with left over pulled pork, steaks or roast? I make sandwiches with them. But not just any regular sandwich, I use fresh baked begets. There is nothing like taking a bite out of a crispy, crunchy, chewy sandwich with the freshest meat and toppings. mmm mmm gooood!

There is no time like spring time to learn how to make the freshest, crustiest, loaf of bread imaginable.  I have started classes up again and we are very excited for the new classes to begin. The art of baking traditional breads is an art form of true beauty. Whether your looking for a great date night, or if your looking for a way to bring family together, this is it! Take the class and enjoy the many benefits it has.

Also, im proud to announce that I will be teaching  grill lessons and true blue BBQ lessons. In case you are wondering, grilling involves HIGH heat. Usually above 500*F. BBQ is low and slow. 250*F or as low as 90*F for cold smoking. These classes will include how to smoke cheese, meats, grill the perfect steak, wood selection, charcoal selection, rub and sauce basics including mops, bastes and finishing sauces. If all goes well, how to build your own smoker and cold smoker. These classes are usually 2 hours long sometimes longer. Depends on what I can teach. Prices will vary based on class being taught. The classes where i teach you how to build your own smoker or cold smoker are higher in price and usually last all day. These classes are subject to change.

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