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Want to learn how to make fresh European bread in a Terra Cotta flower pot? Then look no further! Sign up for my Basics class and learn how to make traditional REAL European breads. It will be well worth it. This site is a collaboration of my wife's ideas and mine as well. She has always told me that i need to teach class on artisan baking. I have been baking for years and she has had professional training as well. This project started out as a way to help others wanting to learn the knowledge of artisan bread baking without having to pay a stupendous amount of money doing so. I have paid close to 80$ an hour for cooking classes held at local grocery stores. That 80$ did not include any hands on. Great info non the less, but i never went back.

As the years went on and I gained more and more education in cooking, I realized i should try and become hired at one of these cooking schools. I applied and nothing really materialized. They loved my resume` and talent, but the economy was just to rough at the time. I even was interviewed by a restaurant supply store and they really wanted to hire me. weeks went by and I never heard back until about 3 months later. Turns out they had some issues with the business and they underwent a transition. So I felt bad. Granted not their fault at all. Just bad timing on my end. However, it gave me the option to evaluate my talents and skills. As I began to fine tune my abilities, I realized that if I was going to teach, why not teach on my own time and charge less. That way, I can be more specialized and be one on one with my students. Thus was born The Bread Bachs. By the way, the title of my business was originally The Bread Box but someone had that all ready as an email address so I had to think of another name. Bach happens to be one of my favorite composers and so the title was born!

Please feel free to read the class description pages to get a general idea of what will be taught.  I do provide a full list of handouts to each student as well as the recipes and instructions. Some hand outs contain web links to private videos that I have made specifically for this class. Usually the videos explain and show further details of certain processes involved. I do provide a finished product of baked bread for everyone to taste. Students do not bake their breads here in class simply because most rising times are above 2 hours. These classes give you the hands on of how to prepare, shape, and bake the dough. Each student will get an awesome opportunity to shape 3 distinct shapes of bread in the [Artisan Basics I] class AND make there own dough to take home.  The dough that is shaped in class, I recommend baking with in a day. Dont worry, once class is over, just go home and spend 35 minutes baking the bread. Its that quick!

On occasion, i will post in the blog section of this site. The blog section is the main page that is first loaded when you visit. Simply hit the Home button and you will be taken back to the blog. I usually post pictures of past classes and the fun they are having.

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  1. That looks pretty delicious, actually. Also, I don't think your button worked. When I click on it, it links to my blog.