Artisan Basics

Welcome to The Bread Bachs Basics course one of two. Here, you will find all the information needed to join the fun and exciting Artisan Basics class. I use a method that does not require a kitchen aid or other name brand mixing machines. Don't get me wrong, I love all my kitchen aids, but making the bread the old school way is fun. I use a dough that can last in the fridge for up to 10 days before it needs to be baked. This course offers a broad perspective and provides in-depth information. I supply all ingredients and the mixing bowl for you to keep!

This class does require you to bring some of your own equipment. No better way to learn than to use your own equipment. you will need:

Flat cookie sheet (absolutely NO GLASS!)
A large mixing spoon
Some plastic wrap

The basics class covers the following:

       Baking stones and steels
       Steaming methods
       Types of flours
       Starters and Sponges
      The Boule
      The Cibatta
      The Couronne
Making par-baked loaves and freezing
Most importantly ALL HANDS ON.

I do NOT give just a lecture and demo class like other cooking classes offer. As a Mechanical Engineer, it is very important to get the hands on in order to understand how things work. Cooking and bread baking should be the exact same way!

Price = **$25 USD cash or cashiers check only please.

** Prices may change depending on availability of ingredients and supplies.

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