Sunday, September 23, 2012

What a Success!

I would like to thank everyone for all the ideas and support you have given me from advertising to just plain old hugs. It is nice to know that I have family that care and love me. These classes would not be a success with out your help and awesomeness! haha.

Speaking of success, I have had many professional caterers ask me for flyers. They want me to teach at there place for classes. I was more than happy to do so. They were so excited that I would be willing to  travel to there place of residence and teach the class. I told them that all they needed to do was tell all there friends and let them know that I am teaching the class. So thanks to them for spreading the word.

I have also added to the Artisan Bread baking course information. i will be now doing a series of youtube videos that will show the steps of the baking process from start to finish. These videos will be available to persons who have completed the course. If all goes well, I will also put them on a dvd for those who do not want to watch them via youtube.

So for $30, you get access to exclusive videos made by me, not some other baker. You get a class that is at LEAST two hours in length. You get to learn from someone who knows the science and can teach it in a FUN and AWESOME way!  All hands on course. You get to make your own dough and learn how to form it into awesome loaves. And you get the option of hosting a bread baking event at your next ladies night out or for the guys who want to get in touch with their inner baker, a guys night out!

It is fun for all ages and great way to learn some new skills that will not only impress friends and family, but will also allow you to make what you want.

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